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See Help/GoodStyle tips for editing.

Emphasis: // for italics, ** for bold, **//...//** for both, ## for fixed width.
Lists: * for bullet lists, # for numbered lists; use multiple * or # for nested lists.
Headings: "==", "===", "====", etc. make headings.
Preformatted text: Enclose text in {{{...}}} or <pre></pre>.
Indented text: Indent the paragraph with whitespaces.
References: use double square brackets for a [[page link]] or URL [[http://cool.wiki.int/]].
References: use pipe | to name the links: [[page link|some text]] or [[http://cool.wiki.int/|some text]].
Preventing linking: Prefix with "~": ~DoNotHyperlink.
Misc: "\\" makes a linebreak, "----" makes a horizontal rule.
Allowed HTML tags: b big i small tt em strong s strike abbr acronym cite code dfn kbd samp var sup sub
More: tables, images, table of contents, plugins

More explanations: Help:TextFormattingRules

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